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Selling A Home With Davey Goosmann

Sell Your Home Stress-Free & Successfully

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Why Davey Goosmann?

At Davey Goosmann Realty, luxury is not a price point, but rather a level of service. We offer an exclusive suite of real estate services designed to make the process of buying or selling your home a breeze. From strategic home staging and moving services to high-end marketing techniques and relocation assistance, we offer buyers and sellers a seamless real estate experience designed to provide value at every stage.


Only one real estate firm delivers a signature standard of service designed to elevate your property as one of its own. For those on their home buying/selling journey, there is only Davey Goosmann Realty.

Why Sell With Davey Goosmann?

Digital Marketing That Matters

According to the NAR Statistics, more than 95 percent of homebuyers are searching for homes online, making it essential that your property be prominent on web pages and in search engines. Through our evolving digital strategies — including regional and global search-engine marketing, programmatic campaigns, Google Ads, and dedicated agent and property campaigns — we drive the most engaged and relevant homebuyers to our online portals, maximizing the potential for your property to be found quickly on the web.

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Explore the Sellers Handbook

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1. Marketing Campaign Design

Property Marketing

We automate digital advertising campaigns for listings, open houses, and more on Facebook and Instagram. These ads are powered by A.I.-based ad targeting to reach high-intent buyers. That means these automatically created Instagram and Facebook ads will help generate more inquiries, more showings, and more offers.

Your agent can also launch different campaigns, with different audiences, to maximize the opportunities for your property to be discovered and experienced.

3. Close On Your House

2. Broadcast Property Listing

Unmatched Exposure

Davey Goosmann partners with and showcases properties on the most relevant and significant real-estate-focused websites in the world.


Sophisticated and engaging e-mail campaigns highlight the most compelling attributes of your property and are used by your agent to promote your property to their unique sphere — including repeat and referral clients.

Expert Reporting

A comprehensive report is available following the completion of a digital property-advertising campaign, which details total digital impressions and clicks, plus overall engagement statistics. 

You’ll know the types of viewers who are seeing your property online. And, your agent can further strategize about additional digital opportunities which could enhance the marketing of your property.


Connected Home Lending & Title Partners

As a client of Davey Goosmann Realty, you will experience a highly attentive and expert level of service from your agent. We have partnered with mortgage and title service providers to ensure that every aspect of your transaction is attended to with the same level of detail and care. By choosing your Davey Goosmann Realty agent and our affiliated core service partners for your transaction, your real estate transaction should be a seamless, luxury experience that is unparalleled in the marketplace.

Sellers can also look forward to...

Davey Goosmann Realty offers home sellers comprehensive home staging services, which can also take care of the laborious process of organizing your home and providing resources to take inventory of all your home goods.