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The Highland Park Independent School District is consistently ranked among the top school districts statewide. The district is specifically known for its rigorous academic standards and its commitment to providing a quality education for all students. The district also offers a well-balanced curriculum structure by providing a variety of extracurricular activities, such as sports, music, and art.

Highland Park is also known for its safe neighborhoods. The town has a low crime rate and is considered one of the safest places to live in the Dallas area. For anyone looking to buy a home with easy access to leisure activities and hot shopping spots around DFW, Highland Park is an ideal choice. The town is home to a variety of parks and recreational areas, including the Highland Park Village, a historic shopping center. It is also fit with a variety of restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. Enhancing your social and leisure life is easy in Highland Park as the town hosts a variety of events throughout the year for the community to attend, such as the Highland Park Festival of Arts and the Highland Park Film Festival.

Overall, Highland Park should be added to your list of DFW locations to home shop in if you are looking for a family-oriented and safe neighborhood in a town conducive to an affluent lifestyle. It is truly the perfect place for families, young professionals, and retirees alike.

Highland Park

Highland Park is a small, affluent town located in the heart of Dallas, Texas, and is home to some of the best schools in the state.

Highland Park



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